The way to be present and active in the Internet environment

Efficient design for any type of business

Web and communication systems

Forced presence or opportunity for progress

Planned marketing strategy

Change and upgrade systems according to need


To get started, it's best to create a website.
A website is like a work environment, an office, a business
And you can implement your desired system in it

Think about the professional presence of your competitors on the Internet

Being on the Internet is not an option, and with the process that most businesses have taken, not being on the Internet will be your biggest flaw.
In fact, having a market for your business on the Internet is undeniable

The impact of the Internet on business practices

Today, with the advent of the Internet in businesses, the way of marketing, attracting customers, introducing goods, effective communication with customers, etc. has been affected.
. By setting up a website, you not only succeed in displaying products and informing your customers, but also your customers can order it when they are researching to buy their favorite product.

Consider that you have no address on the Internet

Suppose an ordinary person or legal entity searches for you on the Internet, but their purpose is to get to know you and your product or service.
There is no result in this regard!

How professional is your job?

Rest assured that having a professional website or even a regular website can increase your credibility and make you look professional. Of course, at the moment, with the expansion of the ability of websites and the Internet space, the main task of the website is to do a series of your work and it has the aspect of working tools.

Make it easier to introduce your products to your fellow citizens and in-person customers

If your fellow citizens are not able to attend your business, visit your products with your computer and phone.

This way, the people of your city can see your products in their lab or mobile phone by having your website address, and this is useful when your customer does not have much time to attend the store and the physical location of your store due to a specific reason, and before Being in the store, using a phone or laptop can get information about your products.

We will use different methods to introduce your website to your fellow citizens and even other cities in other ways

After web design, our main goal is at the beginning of our journey

Attract your audience and job market

After designing and preparing the web, we still have the right solutions for you to attract the audience and generate revenue.

The main policy of Serweb store is based on the fact that it can maximize revenue generation through the online store over time.

Also in this way, the biggest and most important part of the job is to create increasing trust and credibility for website and store owners.

Examples of general website capabilities


Separate site sections with the menu system

Your website can be shared without restriction. Each menu item will become a completely separate part of your site, for example the "About Us" menu item. You can categorize your content and put them all in one item menu or define a menu item for each item collection. You can change or delete menus (support services). You can set accessibility for each menu. You can define multiple menus, each with multiple items .

Create a photo gallery in any number and add countless photos and videos in each gallery

You can place photos and videos wherever you want. In the background of your content or with an article or with a photo in your text You can have different sets of photos, videos and sounds


Forms are a port where you can request your information or files from the user. That information will also be saved for you For example, a survey form or a registration form or a purchase registration form

Technical support Suitable for your job

Choose any name you see fit for your website. Of course, we will give you the necessary advice. Then leave it up to our experts to choose the server and its settings and implement the website on the host Ability to support multiple viewers simultaneously and high server speed in web loading and similar topics to be reviewed

Cooperation With other sites and get Google's attention

Your communication with the websites of other websites is determined by various methods, which also depend on the factors determined by you. How much do you care about your audience and how much interest do you have in introducing great sites to your website?

View and use each section of the site for specific people

All different parts of the website can be locked. You can restrict the access of the defined users to a part of the website, so this part of the site is hidden from the view of the specified users. When a level of access is defined, it means that the features and parts of the site can be used at this level that other levels cannot use. For example, "Customer No. 2" has a separate page for viewing specific news that you can subscribe to.

Visitors can join the site

Each user who enters the site to see your site is called a guest user. The guest user can become a member by filling out the registration form on the site, which you can accept or reject. In this case, the site administrator thoroughly checks the user's documents and details and can arbitrarily confirm or reject the user's registration.

User category

Subscribed users can be categorized and grouped after the registration process. It is possible to move users from one category to another and the presence of a user in several categories.

Request information from users when registering

When registering a user, you can ask the user for any information for example National name and number, age, occupation, city of residence, degree, purpose of visiting the site, receiving any files and photos

Mobile audience

Rest assured that the audience who enters your site with their mobile device will be faced with a fully optimized and appropriate website for their phone. The advancement of web programming technology has been such that special attention has been paid to mobile audiences so that the mobile version has no shortcomings compared to the computer version. In addition, it gives the viewer a better feeling

Store features

Collective action

This feature is one of the most valuable and important features of the store
When you run a store and own it, there are a number of operations that need to be repeated
For example, when you want to add a feature to 200 of your products, it naturally takes time

Discounts and coupons

Rest assured that the store system is such that discounts in any form can be easily inserted and tracked.


Specify a series of products with a symbol
For example, products with less than 10 should be marked with "end of stock"

Email system

Every move the user makes when shopping in the store will be notified to you via email
After ordering by the buyer in the store (before paying)
After ordering by the buyer in the store (after paying)
After the bank confirms that the purchased product has been paid
After confirming the email (click on the confirm button) by the site administrator
Complete the registration form on the site (can include a registration confirmation link)
After completing the registration form by the user
After the end of inventory of products or products
After canceling an order by the buyer
When a product with zero inventory is available
When the user comments on the product
When the user requests a call
Send an email to the customer after the end of the subscription on the site (if the subscriber on the site is defined for the customer)
Send an email to the store manager when a product with zero inventory is available


This can be done automatically if you plan to place an order on the customer's order
For example, apply a condition to the number of product orders in an order at a given time

Product information

You can enter any information you have about your product on its page
Name, number, product collections, brand, related product words, product photos, products, keyword selection, minimum and maximum order, product start and end sales date, access level determination for this product, definition of several prices for the product, stock Product ⊙Length, width, height of the product⊙ Related products


Any special features that are common to several of your products can be tracked and you can follow the desired feature
Mention it on the product page.
For example, color or size, weight, country of manufacture, year of manufacture

Filter and search

A tool that site users and visitors desperately need to search professionally
Suppose a person wants to find a product with the desired color, price, size and a certain size on your site.

Weak social networks

Using virtual networks such as Instagram and Telegram is a way you can use to sell and market your products, but they can never replace a website.

Build trust in online payments
Impossibility of categorizing content and goods on social networks
Low capacity to display content on every Instagram and Telegram page
Low flexibility of social networks in changing appearance and beauty

the Secretary

All IVR services are enabled in this mode.
The only difference is that you can set a real secretary to answer calls.
Define a successor for different interiors so that if you don't answer, the call will be transferred to them, or even an audio messenger will be activated and the audience's message will be recorded and sent to your email.
Determine how to respond online.
Possibility of registering a telephone order by the secretary.
Ability to make outgoing calls and transfer instant calls by the secretary.

SMS panel

Send single, bulk, voice SMS.
Report sent text messages.
Repayment of unsuccessful text messages
Send SMS out of your country.
Post based on occupation, map, age, gender.
Select the country, province and target city.
Select permanent or credit numbers.
Select the prefix, the first and last number.
Post based on attendance (BTS).
Phonebook grouping.
Automatic response based on received SMS.
Timely reminders.
Smart sending.
Polls and lotteries.
SMS tester.
Holding a text message contest.


All the following features are available on the Internet and you do not need to buy a physical line or phone.
A dedicated phone number will be assigned to you from any city you want.
24-hour online IVR.
Create unlimited interiors.
Possibility of introducing office hours and non-office hours.
Ability to receive multiple incoming calls simultaneously.
Automatic call transfer on mobile and landline.
Receive reports of all your calls both online and via SMS and email.
Ability to charge credit and view small consumption details.
Transparency in call transfer costs.

Fax panel

Ability to send faxes
Send faxes from your email
Ability to receive faxes
Dedicated fax number
Secure storage of documents
Send to multiple destinations simultaneously
Electronic signature
Get CSV output

Internet Bank Portal

PayPal, Master, Visa and other payment gateways

Ability to deposit successful transaction funds in small or aggregate
Possibility of group refund to buyers (Refund).
Simultaneous deposit of purchase amount to several accounts as a percentage.
Ability to provide instant transaction inquiry service.
Ability to receive a variety of financial statements.
Send email and SMS the result of the transaction at the request of the user.
Provide information about transactions made through the web service.
Provide online technical support services to the recipient.

appointment system And reservation

Reports and output

Full support for automatic text messaging.
Full reporting of payments.
Ability to connect to SMS service.
Ability to connect to all banks.
Ability to fully report all payments.
Issuance of invoices and pre-invoices.
Providing a list of payments and non-payments to customers.
See the full list of orders in the user section.
Statistical and descriptive reporting of the recipients' turn based on the type of turn.
Report of sold tickets.
Possibility of statistical, descriptive and visual reporting of the recipients' turn.
Ability to prepare reports from the queues registered in the system for viewing or printing.
Ability to print tickets in Padf.
Ability to send emails and print shifts in user profiles.
Ability to check all orders and payments in the user panel.
Ability to provide output in CSV and photo formats.
Ability to insert the logo and center information in the turn sheet.

Acceptance and sale of goods

Ability to define unlimited turn times.
Ability to specify the start and end numbers of queues.
Queuing clients and defining the queue of people left.
Limit the number of daily admissions.
Ability to define unlimited service and service group.
Possibility to set a ceiling for each specialist on a daily basis.
Ability to define and set active days available for shifts.
Ability to select the desired turn in the month, day, hour and week.
Ability to select doctors or officials when receiving appointments with the help of image and name.
Limit the number of doctor or responsible admissions.
Determining the holidays of specialists in the work calendar of the collection.
It has a goods section.
Determine different schedules in the release or non-release of each product and service.
It has a complete list of abilities that can be provided by any specialist (doctor, lawyer, counselor, teacher, assistant, etc.).
Ability to define multiple prices for each product and service.
Creating a percentage and price discount.
Ability to insert custom image and Google map and text for each product and service.
It has solar, Gregorian and lunar dates.


Possibility of introducing specialists (doctors, lawyers, consultants, professors, etc.) and announcing the specialization and time of each of them.
Has a dedicated profile for each specialist.
Ability to assign a manager or administrator for each service department.
Set a work shift for each specialist each day.
Ability to insert content in the user profile by experts
Has my ordering system in the user section.
Ability to insert an image in a personal profile.
Ability to vote and rate services indefinitely
Compatibility with social networks Facebook, Twitter & Google